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Recreating Sealing Jaws For A Key Flow Wrapping Line

Food Connections turned to AMP to recreate a set of sealing jaws for a flow wrapper where parts were no longer commercially available.

The Client


Food Connections has been developing products, manufacturing, baking and supplying the food industry since 1992. This family-run business puts quality and tradition at the heart of everything it does, innovating and using handmade production processes to create a huge range of well-loved products with industry-leading shelf lives to meet the challenges of a fast-moving market.

The Requirement


As part of the organisation’s routine planned preventive maintenance programme, Production Director David Ralph noticed wear on a set of sealing jaws in operation on a flow wrapping line used to wrap muffins and cookies. As this particular piece of equipment was no longer commercially available, sourcing replacement jaws became a priority to ensure continuity of production into the future. 

The Solution


David began the search to find suitable replacement sealing jaws, beginning with the cutting blade manufacturers who correctly identified AMP as the original developers of this component. He contacted AMP and supplied the team with the relevant information to identify the items, which had been produced to order by the original manufacturers of the flow wrapping line. This company was no longer in business.


“Fortunately, we still had the original drawings for these sealing jaws, which simplified the process significantly and meant we didn’t need to reverse engineer the product,” stated Malcolm Ibberson for AMP. “Following discussions with Food Connections on their specific requirements, we began work to reproduce the set of sealing jaws to help keep production rolling smoothly.”


Rigorous PPM procedures at Food Connections ensured that the potential issue was identified early before any production delays arose. Although there was no immediate urgency on the project, AMP set to immediately manufacture a replacement set to the original machine manufacturer’s specification. Within a few short weeks, Food Connections had taken delivery of their new set of jaws and installed these successfully on the flow wrapper.


“We were completely satisfied with the quality of service from AMP; the new set of jaws was manufactured quickly and efficiently and supplied to us for fitting,” confirmed David Ralph. “The entire process was fast and straightforward, with the team at AMP keeping us informed at all stages to enable us to prepare for replacement. This company offered excellent personal touches as part of the service, which contributed to the quality of the end product.”

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