Advanced Mechanical Projects undertake Prototype Projects.

Our Consultant Mechanical Engineers can assist you in developing your product or process.

Advanced Mechanical Projects manufacture various types of prototype. We have produced prototype machinery to test manufacturing methods, as part of our Research and Development operations. We have also undertaken the prototyping of various industrial and consumer products.


We can produce prototypes from a variety of materials, using numerous processes. Prototypes we have generated in the past have ranged from; simple plastic components, to assemblies including materials such as: exotic steels, rapid prototyped plastic parts, digital electronic sub-assemblies, fabrics and various other materials.


We can develop one off mock-ups, to short-run production runs; enabling us to test ideas at each step of the product (or process) development stage.


Our prototyping service allows you to assess your product in the real world and with our assistance test any theoretical results obtained through design analysis and visualisation tools.


With our prototypes you can examine qualities such as; functionality, productivity, environmental impact, safety, ergonomics, anthropometrics, aesthetics and any production requirements.


We produce cycle (and general) testing equipment, to help fully understand produced prototypes; these have provided vital product performance information for our customers.


Such testing could also lead to product certification under an applicable European Standard.

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