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From Concept to Manufacture

Innovation in automation and machinery services.

Technological innovation isn’t always limited to big business and massive research budgets. Here in the UK, we have a proud history of engineering excellence, with many smaller companies acting as the important drivers for key improvements to production processes across a broad range of manufacturing sectors.


Advanced Mechanical Projects is a great example of the versatility and innovation skills available on call to UK businesses. This Yorkshire-based company provides a comprehensive range of mechanical engineering services, focused around developing bespoke solutions matched to individual project requirements.

Impressive design and manufacturing capabilities


This is no ordinary engineering business. It operates from two sites with a dedicated design and development department and a 12,000ft2 manufacturing and assembly plant. Just a quick look at some of the equipment demonstrates the impressive capabilities of this established engineering facility.


There’s a range of milling machines from smaller manual units up to a large CNC Ajax bed mill capable of handling some of the larger components coming into the workshop. Both manual and CNC turning machinery feature on the plant list, including a large Colchester 6000 lathe. Deep hole drilling capabilities are provided with a Mollart deep hole gundrill.


It’s not just the big guns on the manufacturing side – this is essentially a smart business with a clever design department using 3D parametric computer solid modelling, CAM and Finite Element Analysis to provide clients with professional consultancy services designed around improving and securing production processes.

End to end solutions


From initial concept through to the production of bespoke engineering components, AMP provides a sequential design and manufacturing service including assembly and commissioning.  With a solid client list that includes both major multinational names to local specialist businesses, the focus is on automation and machinery services. Mechanical consultancy includes a specialism in the design and manufacture of sealing jaws which have earned the company an impressive reputation for performance, knowledge and innovation in this field.

Advanced research for packaging machinery


AMP’s specialism in packaging machinery parts includes fin seal roller assemblies, jaws and general consumables. The company is currently in the process of establishing an impressive research facility, complete with a full-flow wrapper test rig. The plan is to work closely with customers to ascertain the best technology to match different packaging requirements. As we move towards increased use of biodegradeable packaging materials and films, this facility is set to come into its own and provide a valuable R&D asset.

Broader manufacturing and refurbishment capabilities


A significant proportion of AMP’s business is the production of parts for valves, including both large and small assemblies. Here again, the focus is on providing a turnkey service, from design through to physical manufacture.  AMP engineers can retrofit to existing plant, modify elements and provide tooling to improve production processes. They also refurbish entire machines and provide a valuable service by re-engineering components for obsolete machines, keeping important production processes on the move cost-effectively and efficiently.


This combination of design and engineering expertise is what sets the company apart from the rest. Today, AMP works with both OEMs and end users to make the most of their production machinery. Troubleshooting to improve production processes includes using FEA to look at individual stresses on plant and equipment, identifying why processes fail or, more importantly, ensuring that issues are identified and failures don’t occur.


The partnership process is the essence of AMP’s working philosophy, solving problems, providing solutions and keeping the wheels of industry turning!

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