Design and Analysis with Advanced Mechanical Projects.

Our Consultant Mechanical Engineers can assist you in developing your Design requirements.

Our Mechanical Engineering Design Department produce bespoke, innovate designs that have been formulated with our customers. We produce quality conceptual solutions, three dimensional parametric computer models and from these: detailed engineering drawings to the recognised BS308 standard. If we are manufacturing at our site.


Providing a comprehensive mechanical engineering computer aided design and simulation service; Advanced Mechanical Projects Limited use advanced computer generated parametric solid models into a format that can be used for analysis and or produce photorealistic renderings.


Our computer aided design (CAD) simulations can be utilised to test your products for potential defects before they are manufactured, helping prevent errors early in the design and manufacturing process.


We use the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Method is used to accurately ascertain the performance of a new machine or product design.

FEA simulations can answer questions such as;

  • Are components strong enough?

  • Will moving parts clash or interfere with each other?

  • How much weight can a product carry?

  • How much will a part deform under specific stresses?

  • Will heat and air circulate through the design properly?

  • Will it survive a drop or fall?

Another, increased factor when designing new machinery/products is the environment. Our consultants will look at the environmental issues surrounding your engineering design idea.


After the engineering design process we can offer you a range of services such as: prototyping, machinery build or project management dependent on your company’s needs.


All designs are generated using the Solidworks parametric solid modelling system. We are a registered Solidworks end user company, with comprehensive product liability insurance policies.

Research and development of processing systems at Lexcast Polymers. Picture (right) original plant, Picture (left) stress analysis to determine maximum capacity and optimisation of the processing frame.

Design, development and FEA analysis.

Folding chair development and testing for a vehicle. The assembly undergoing testing at Mira.

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